We are ready! Nomo Challenge, Zero Plastic

Zero Plastic Challenge

The Plastic Zero Challenge, as the name suggests, consists of leaving the plastic completely on its side in our restaurants and using only biodegradable and friendly materials of the environment. We know that it is an ambitious project, but all our team is prepared and motivated to achieve it.

How are we going to do it?

Nomomoto which is our restaurant of take away and delivery is the first one to use a completely biodegradable packaging and recyclable materials, replacing traditional plastic sushi trays with cardboard ones that are even more resistant and comfortable to use, and of course, respectful of our surroundings.

These eco-friendly resources are going to be adapted for each of our Japanese restaurants and our Mediterranean restaurant Jani in Llafranc, so that at the end of this year we can proudly show off all the effort and teamwork we have done for a common good as is the protection of our environment.

How are you going to evaluate the challenge?

The Zero Plastic project is planned to be carried out throughout this year 2019. Grupo Nomo will be showing during all this time the progression of the challenge and the achievements that we are making during this process, and we will also measure all the advantages and the impact of these changes. We are going to do this with the Nomo Thermo.

The Nomo Thermo is a thermometer where we will be measuring all our progress until we can fulfil our purpose. It will also allow us to see how much we have left to complete the project to be even more motivated to achieve it.

We are ready!

In Grupo Nomo, besides having restaurants that offer Japanese gastronomic experiences with a western touch, we want to go a step further and be truly faithful to our values ​​as an organization.

Therefore, we won’t stop working as a team this year to take this project forward and consider our corporate responsibility: For a better future!