The Far Nomo Health Decalogue vs. Covid19; The safest delivery

1) Our staff uses new protection elements (masks, gloves, etc.) at the beginning of each service.

2) All our personnel have received specific training in risk prevention at Covid19.

3) Deliveries will always be made without contact between the delivery man and the customer. Thus, we have eliminated the payment in cash or dataphones; only online payments.

4) We do daily body temperature checks on our staff.

5) We respect the social distance of 1.5m both inside our facilities and in the pickup and delivery.

6) Our suppliers cannot access our premises. We collect the raw material received with our own means at the entrance of our premises.

7) Our food safety company has prepared a study on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points to work with the minimum level of risk.

8) All our orders are delivered with the Grupo Nomo guarantee seal that ensures the inviolability of the bag.

9) In our facilities we carry out a disinfection before each service of surfaces, computers and materials. For disinfection we use chemicals products specially certified by our cleaning provider.

10) Our staff uniforms are cleaned once a day.