The Time is Nao

Naoyuki Haginoya

Aquesta sèrie de capítol pretén endinsar-te a les entranyes de NOMO a través de Naoyuki Haginoya. Més enllà del xef pretenem captar la persona, la ment i l’ànima de Nomo.

Les seves vivències, la seva filosofia i la seva manera d’entendre la vida, la seva carrera i el seu amor al producte ia cada plat de NOMO .

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Cap I

Old is Gold

We are 15 years old

Since its first opening in 2007, in the Gràcia neighborhood, Nomo has forged its presence in the gastronomic world at a national level with ten locations between Barcelona, Girona, Costa Brava and Madrid, as well as its own quality delivery service: Nomomoto.

NOMO was born with the ambition of importing the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine to Barcelona and Madrid.Fifteen years ago we founded an idea; a modern and cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant
(until then unknown in Barcelona) that today has become Everyone’s Japanese.

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Nomo involved

At Nomo we want to be an active part of the change towards a more sustainable and just world, for this reason, we are involved in various projects that promote biodiversity and social improvement. Thus, for example, with our “Zero Plastic” challenge, Nomomoto presents itself as an emission-neutral delivery thanks to the planting of the Nomomoto Forest in Penedés with Tree Nation.

Grupo Nomo and Nasco Feeding Minds

If there is something in which Grupo Nomo strives to maintain and improve, it is our social work, because we believe in the value of people and in projects as special as the one we will tell you about in this blog entry.

Project 0 emissions: the forest of Nomomoto

Kalida foundation

Solidarity delivery

Nomo Challenge, Zero Plastic We are Ready!