Estrella Damm

Monday is the most hated day for to be the first one of the week, but this is going change. Yes, because now, if you come to have lunch or diner at Kuo


Each month a different winery collaborate to offer you a tasting of their best wines, every Monday in the Kuo restaurant.

Throughout the month of February we enjoyed a beer tasting Estrella Damm

The beers to taste are:

Estrella Damm
Pilsner style lager beer ideal for any time of day. It highlights its creamy foam flavored by hops and refreshing taste.

Estrella Damm Inedit, It is a beer can accompany, with the almost respect, the best cuisine. It develops creamy, smooth and versatile when combined with food.

A. K. Damm
A. K. Damm, is a perfect combination of French refinement and German character made with 100% natural ingredients and slow maturation cellar.

Beer rich amber color, with red reflections. It has a high aromatic intensity, high ligh ting aromas of fresh yeast and a hint of toast.

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