Goodbye Edamame in plastic container! – Zero Plastic Waste Challenge

In #Nomomoto we continue with the Challenge But Plastic to minimize our impact on the environment, reducing the use of plastic.

Our first action has been to change our take away containers from #Nomomoto, which meant a total annual consumption of 2000kg of plastic. In this new entry, we bring you the figures of one of your favorite entrees: EL EDAMAME⁠.

Last year, more than 15,000 were sold between our two varieties of Edamame in #Nomomoto: Edamame (the classic) and Edamame to the truffle.⁠ This figure translates into 160 kg of plastic saved with the passage of the plastic tray at cardboard. Every little gesture counts, and together we can leave a better world for those to come. ⁠

Leave us in comments what changes you make in your day to day to reduce the consumption of plastic, together we can help each other!