Our Yakisoba collaborates with the Environment! – Zero Plastic Waste Challenge

Next year, the production of plastics will approach 500 million tons, and most will be used for the manufacture of single-use containers * ⁠

Recycling our waste seems the best option to reduce our environmental impact, but it is not enough, since in Spain only 30% of plastics are recycled *.

The key is to reduce the generation of these and, therefore, in #Nomomoto we begin to replace the take away plastic containers, with cardboard containers. How could we improve one of the classics of Japanese cuisine: the wok yakisoba noodles? ¡Packaging it in completely biodegradable cardboard containers and recyclable materials. ⁠⠀⁠

With the replacement of the new packaging, this year the sale of 12,000 units of yakisoba has resulted in a saving of 124kg of plastic. That added to those of the Edamame tray, they are almost 300kg! ⁠ There have been many products that have undergone the change, thus adding to the total of plastic KG reduced at the end of the year.

What product would you like us to talk about in the next post? Leave us in comments! * Information extracted from www.greeenpeace.org